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The earliest headlights functioned as light houses that enabled other drivers to identify the presence of another car in the house. The idea of illuminating the road with lights fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle became popular as roads improved and night driving became more common. Car makers experimented with lights powered by naked flame. However, it was next to impossible to drive a car at high speeds if the headlight consisted of nothing more than lantern fitted to the front of the car. Electric headlights soon made their debut. Cars were fitted with separate power supply to ensure the headlight and the lighting system would work properly.

Electric headlights made it more convenient for the individual to drive the car. It also led to the birth of the headlight replacement industry. Electric headlights needed maintenance, repairs and replacements. Car makers and dealers recognized the potential of this business. The development of headlight replacements industry in America was severely stunted by law. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 made it mandatory for all cars to be fitted with two 7" round sealed beam headlight. This rule continued until 1983 when composite headlights were finally approved and the final choice was left in the hands of the car owner.

This meant that there was very little leeway for car owners as far as headlight replacement was concerned. The entire assembly had to be replaced every time the bulb got fused or the reflectors malfunctioned. This was expensive and car makers sought to placate customers by cutting down on quality to reduce costs. 1983 was the year of change. Composite headlights were permitted. This meant that headlight replacement service became a lot cheaper and lot more convenient. Cars and trucks could finally be fitted with rectangular lights. The first US market car to sport such a headlight assembly was the 1984 Lincoln Continental Mark VII.

This led to car makers investing more money in R&D as far as headlight replacement bulbs were concerned. The money was used to invent better headlights with brighter better and long lasting bulbs. Once composite headlights were introduced, cover replacement became very easy and car manufacturers are started offering plastic covers as well. This made it cheaper to make changes to the headlights of the automobile. The latest trend is to manufacture more intelligent headlights. There was a time when the car owner had to manually switch the light from high beam to low beam. Today, Advanced Front Lighting Systems are being introduced that determine the intensity of the lighting on basis of speed, external weather conditions and the movement of the steering wheel of the car.

The rising popularity of the World Wide Web and advent of electronic shopping has made it possible to purchase headlight cover replacement online as well. All you have to do is specify the model and make of your vehicle and you can find not just OEM products but custom headlights manufacture for different cars that can be fitted into your automobile.